Welcome to the official website of the Online Beauty Contest! Every year we work to create a favorable environment in which young women have the opportunity to develop skills that will help them succeed in life, becoming the best in everything they do. Competition encourages you to strengthen self-confidence, individual pride and self-awareness. You will establish new and lasting friendships and find that the competition will be a useful and rewarding experience.      Ultimately, the two young women will be crowned Miss, we invite you to join us on a journey of a lifetime, and perhaps become the next MISS UKRAINE®, MISS SNG® or MISS UNIVERSE®! Every woman should be confident to get up in any situation and declare ... The application is reviewed during the day.

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    DO NOT NEED EXPERIENCE! There are no requirements for height or weight. All nationalities are welcome! We are looking for sociable women who are beautiful both inside and outside who can use the name MISS UKRAINE®, MISS SNG® or MISS UNIVERSE® to change the situation. Our organization provides a unique opportunity for a young woman to meet peers with similar goals and ambitions to form a support system that enables them to succeed. Our program is designed to be a great way to advance your career and personal goals. Contestants receive recommendations for public speaking, personal appearance and physical fitness. In addition, the winners and the best finalists will receive prizes and awards. We look forward to getting to know you by filling out the application below!